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Choosing a career as an EMT is rewarding and can be a career in itself or serve as the foundation for furthering a medical or related career. Many EMT’s choose to stay within the first responder ranks and others, such as many current doctors, nurses police, and firefighters use the positions as their first steps toward achieving their ultimate goal.


The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is an Emergency Medical Services first responder who is called upon in emergencies to administer pre-hospital medical care, patient stabilization, and transport in emergency medical situations. Oftentimes the first on an emergency scene, the EMT must quickly assess the situation, establish an immediate sense of order, triage patients, and administer care accordingly. EMT’s perform critical services that will can make the difference between life or death for their patients. The scope of care that an EMT can provide is determined by their certification level. EMT’s can attain four levels of certification EMT (Basic), EMT I/85, EMT I/99, and EMT Paramedic. Advancement through each level of certification requires on the job training, classroom training, and passing a nationwide certification exam given by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). EMT certification by the NREMT is accepted throughout the United States allowing EMT’s to secure employment when they change geographic locations.

EMT Training

EMT training is administered by independent EMT training schools located throughout the United States. Most communities have several options for EMT training including vocational schools, community colleges, technical schools, hospitals and programs through universities and public agencies. The curriculum for EMT training varies at each level of certification. All levels include didactic (in classroom) and field application elements. When choosing an EMT training school make certain that school has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP). Attending an accredited school is required most EMT employers.

EMT Certification

Once trained by an accredited school, certification is awarded once a student passes the NREMT certification exam. Unlike many exams students are accustomed to taking, this exam has a liberal re-test policy when students do not pass the first time. The exam also includes a submitted evaluation from the students training school that certifies competency in field application of EMT procedures and protocol. These two features of the NREMT exam make passing more accessible to more students. To sit for the NREMT exam a student must have a current CPR card and have completed an EMT school program.

EMT Job Outlook

Today is a promising time to enter the Emergency Medical Services field as an EMT. The near and long term job outlook is for 33 percent growth in employment demand, much stronger than the average of 14 percent for most careers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth in employment for EMT’s is directly related to population growth, increased life expectancy, and the aging of the baby boom generation. All of these factors combine to make EMT’s in high demand.

EMT Training Schools Nearby

There are a variety of schools that offer EMT training program. While the general EMT curriculum is mandated under the guidelines for program accreditation, choosing the right school is important. All people learn and retain information differently. Future EMT’s want to choose a school and program that teaches in a style that they can understand with access to instructors, current and modern equipment, and access to that equipment for practice training. Some students prefer flexible class schedules and others want a distance or online option for the classroom portion of the program. All of these options are available from different EMT training schools. Choosing one that is committed to their students success can serve as valuable resource into the future, for job placement assistance, and for passing the NREMT certification exam.